Professional Git Training

Is your team wasting a considerable amount of time fighting with Git?

Do your team members find it hard to collaborate using Git? Do you have one or two team members who are the “go-to” Git people, and they are swamped helping others and fixing their mistakes that they have no time doing development work?

Does a sudden bug in production result in a complete halt in development because it blocks merging of new features into your code?

These are common problems for many development teams and are almost always caused by two underlying issues:

  1. Uneven level of Git knowledge among team members,
  2. Lack of established collaboration workflows in the team.

These two together contribute to inefficiency, waste, and stress in software projects.

Imagine collaborating on projects effortlessly and efficiently

Imagine if your team had established rules and workflows in place, so you could just breeze through feature development and maintenance tasks smoothly and effortlessly. How would your projects change if every single member of your team was completely self-sufficient in using Git?

Your team would be more productive and happy. And you could focus on what is the most important to you: Coding and shipping awesome software.

Tailored training for your team’s needs

I’ll work together with you to tailor the training to the needs of your team to achieve this goal. You will see the results almost immediately.

We will first establish a common understanding of Git basics and commands to bring everyone in your team to the same level of knowledge in Git and version control principles. This part of the training will enable us to solve the first problem.

Then we will build on that common understanding and look into what development workflows would be beneficial for your team and how to use Git to implement those workflows. When you have these workflows established and every member of your team understand the Why and the How, that is where you start to see the increase in efficiency and the ease in collaboration.

If you are interested in professional Git training, just shoot me an email at and we will discuss your needs. No strings attached!

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